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Big Chief Mkuja Song samples Twelve Braves
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  REVIEW: Virginie Guichaoua Pinkcushion.com

review English translation)

"Sometimes it happens that we fall in love with a
group after hearng a single track"

'Our attention for this curious album (Iceberg), that seems to take malign
pleasure in blurring the paths (wacky video clips, weird web offerings )
was first focused on the song "Mermaid". A "self made" song featuring
deliciously balanced vocals and a fantastically crazy keyboard, which
weaves a psychedelic background to the track. Not to mention that this
trackand video clip would make Ariel Pink green with envy! '

New album ICEBERG featured on Stuart Maconie's Radio 6 Freak Zone

Big Chief Mkuja's first Album Twelve Braves recorded in 2002 and now remastered and released on the Celadore Lable



Quirky, unusual, odd, not without charm, imaginative, sometimes subime. Reminders of Robert Wyatt, the great Don Van, early Beatles, George Harrison, XTC,Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett and Englishness. Favourites have to be Train Song and Mermaid, though I have to say they've all got something"Paul Jarvis"..

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